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What’s Cooking? – John Statz (Brownies)

Thursday night was the first time that a What’s Cooking event took place in Antwerp, and it was legen-DARY! If you’re thinking “what the hell is What’s Cooking?” then you’re probably one of the misfortunate people who weren’t able to … Continue reading

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When the absurd becomes reality (Bakpao Sandwich)

To be honest, this started out as a joke. If you’re living in Belgium or the Netherlands you will most likely have heard the song “Broodje Bakpao” by The Opposites ft. Gers & Sif. If not, here’s their official video … Continue reading

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Get ready for a surprise! (fennel soup)

I am on a new mission! A mission, that will undoubtably shake the foundations of pretty much everything you have ever believed. What’s all this fuss about, you ask? It’s about fennel, yes fennel. You know, that one vegetable that … Continue reading

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A flight with the wind (vol-au-vent)

A dodgy title you say? Well I can’t help it, its merely the translation of today’s recipe: vol-au-vent.Vol-au-vent is a classic from the French cuisine and could not be missing from this blog. The dish consists of a small hollow … Continue reading

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So this is the New Year…

…And I don’t feel any different. Or so goes the Death Cab for Cutie song, and they’re not really wrong, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! My New Years Eve has become somewhat of a tradition. Every year a bunch … Continue reading

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