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Croque en Bouche Part 2: Pâte à choux

Hi there, and welcome to my big-croque-en-bouche-comeback-challenge! If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, make sure to take a look at the introduction and part 1! To be honest, I should have posted this some while ago. … Continue reading

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My big comeback/challenge

Hi there! I hope you all had a laugh with my little tribute to april fools day, but lets face it, I have some making up to do. Therefore I prepared a challenge for myself! I saw this a couple … Continue reading

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A wake up call (Jamie Oliver’s TED speech)

I was planning on writing a new recipe post and making some updates on some older posts, but then I found this speech on In this speech Jamie Oliver (whom I greatly admire for his passion and inspiring me … Continue reading

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Prague on the road Part 3 – Let’s raise our glasses

I’m back home already (sadly), but I had a great time in Prague which is still one of my favourite cities in the world. When I look back I can only think of happy memories, and to that my friends, … Continue reading

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Prague on the road Part 2 – Czech cuisine

Here are some more updates from Prague with some of the typical Czech dishes! In descending order: potato soup with an egg on top, goulash in a baked bread and finally roast pork with dumplings and red cabbage! You might … Continue reading

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Prague on the road Part 1 – The Wonderful world of Sweets

My trip to Prague has been wonderful so far! Today we indulged ourself in THE best cakes you can possible imagine! I ofcourse couldn’t resist to share some pictures with my loyal readers! You might also want the check out … Continue reading

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