My big comeback/challenge

Hi there! I hope you all had a laugh with my little tribute to april fools day, but lets face it, I have some making up to do. Therefore I prepared a challenge for myself! I saw this a couple of months ago on a reality/cooking show and it’s called a “croque en bouche” which is french for “crispy in your mouth”. It is made out of profiteroles (the orbs), which is filled with crème pattisière (aka pastry cream), it is then dipped in chocolat icing and built up like a tower so it finally looks something like this:

In the picture above you can see the example we bought and ate a few weeks ago. We got this beautiful specimen at Schoenaers here in Antwerp. I always thought of Schoenaers as being one of the best pastry makers in Antwerp and was sure this was going to be a treat. I am however somewhat sad to say I was a bit dissapointed when I had my first bite. The profiteroles weren’t filled with crème pattisière, but with whipped cream. Don’t get me wrong, it was still delicious, but when your expecting something and find out something entirely different you can’t help but feel a bit disappointed.

So because of this experience, and because my egocentric self thinks it can do anything that one of the best pastry shops in Antwerp can (and possibly even better), and to make up for my long absence in the blogging scene. I introduce to you my challenge: I will make my own croque en bouche! And I will of course document and post about it every step of the way: the making of the crème pattisière, the profiterolles and the chocolat icing. I myself find this quite the challenge because I never made any of this, and I’ve always heard that pâte a choux (which is the dough the profiteroles are made out of) is one of the hardest doughs there is to make. But then again, what’s life without challenges?

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2 Responses to My big comeback/challenge

  1. this is very nice blog and amazing stuff in this blog.

  2. Gisèle says:

    I’m sorry. I voted against because I liked the sound of that option better. Let’s say I think you can almost make it but either way I’ll be really proud of you and I really like what you’re doing?

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