It’s somewhat hard to pinpoint the exact date of when I started to become fascinated by food. My closest guess would be around the age of 10-12. As most kids living in a big city, I spent my week-ends clustered to a tv. It was a saturday morning when I first saw BBC’s “Saturday Kitchen”. But in al honesty, it wasn’t just Saturday Kitchen, it were the episodes of the Naked Chef that made me absolutely fascinated by food. There are people who dislike Jamie Oliver, but for me he’ll always be the person who opened a whole new world for me with his enthusiastic way of cooking!

So yes, I was fascinated with food, but it was a fascination that grew slowly. My parents were working and my mother was in charge of dinner etc. There wasn’t really much chance for me to experiment with my obsessions. It was a bit better during the summer on family vacations. My aunt loves the cook and often let me help her in the kitchen! Boy, did I enjoy it! I also gradually started helping out my mother in the kitchen, but it wasn’t quite the same. (my mother looks at cooking as more of an necessity  instead of something you can really enjoy)

About a year ago I decided I wanted indulge myself into the majestic world of food, flavour and cooking! Now, a year later, I think I’m starting to get to know some stuff about food. I’m of course by far a professional chef or anything like that! But as I go on this flavour journey of mine, I thought people might want to follow along and join me. Basically, what you’ll find on this blog will be new things I try out, things I want to try out some day, my thoughts about certain stuff,.. all food related, off course!

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2 Responses to About

  1. Hannelore says:

    Whoo! Can I embark on this journey with you? 😉

    Looking forward to seeing lots of great ideas on here!


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