A side dish with a history (“french” fries)

Yes, it has finaly arrived! A new recipe post! It’s been a while, but haven’t been lazy! (or atleast not the whole time) If you go back to the brownies post, you’ll see that I’ve updated it with a fancy smancy new slideshow. And you may also noticed that I’ve finally updated the Prague on the road part 1, part 2 and part 3 posts! Now lets get started on the actual post!

The dish we’re talking about today is fries. Did you notice how I left out the “french” part? That’s because my belgian pride prohibits me to say they’re french. Ok, that’s a bit exaggerated. But I do however have to tell you that I am a firm believer that french fries are actually belgian! And here’s why: “A Belgian legend claims that the term “French” was introduced when British or American soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I, and consequently tasted Belgian fries. They supposedly called them “French”, as it was the official language of the Belgian Army at that time.” And since it’s on Wikipedia, it HAS to be true! But enough yammering, here’s how to make propper “french” fries 😉


  • potatoes (preferably with a high starch content)
  • salt

equipment: you can get a fancy smancy deep fryer, but if you don’t have one, you can just use a thick bottomed, wide pot and a couple of liters vegetable oil (like sunflower for example). After frying, when the oil had cooled down, you can strain it and keep it for another time.


  • Peel and slice your potatoes to a desired thickness. I like mine quite thick, thicker ones also absorb less oil or fat, ergo are less thickening.
  • Give them a proper wash under cold water, twice if necessary.
  • Pat them dry and fry them a first time at 145° C (=290° F). Fry them until the soften, just take one out when you think they’re done to check.
  • Take them out and spread them out on some paper towels (the paper towels absorb the excess fat).
  • When the fries are cooled down, fry them a second time, this time at 180° C (=360° F). This time you’re frying them to get a crisp skin and some nice golden yellow collor.
  • When done, serve them in a bowl lined with some more paper towels and sprinkle with salt.

TIP: Always fry small batches, too large quantities will make your oil drop in temperature.

Check out the slideshow for step by step instructions!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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1 Response to A side dish with a history (“french” fries)

  1. Gisèle says:

    I really really like the pictures in this blog post, well done!!

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