Prague on the road Part 2 – Czech cuisine

Here are some more updates from Prague with some of the typical Czech dishes! In descending order: potato soup with an egg on top, goulash in a baked bread and finally roast pork with dumplings and red cabbage!

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I’ve had potato soup before bit it was nothing like this one. Contrary to the fairly sweetish Hungarian potato soup (which is based and paprika powder), this Czech potato soup balanced on the thin line of sour and creamy. Accompanied with some nice dill (the green parts you see in the picture) this made quite a refreshing treat. At the same time the potatoes and the baked egg on top made it very filling. If it would’ve been me, I would’ve poached the egg instead of baking it, but to each his own.

I was a bit in doubt on wether to try this goulash or not. I’m not very fanatic about my Hungarian heritage, but I do acknowledge and respect it at some level, especially when it comes to the culinary side of it. When I was walking around in Prague I saw loads of signs saying “come try our traditional Czech goulash!” you can imagine the predicament I was in! I eventually decided to put my differences aside and give it a shot, and I’m glad I did! It came inside a hollowed out bread, which was baked completely dry so it wouldn’t leak. It had a very smoky flavour and tasted quite different from the hungarian one, definitely worth a try if you ever find yourself in Prague!

This gorgeous plate was the one I had at our “last supper”. It was called “Moravian Sparrow” and before all you bird-lovers get upset, let me assure it was actually made out of pork meat 😉 It was served with some sweet red cabbage and some very traditional dumplings (which were made out of potatoes in this case). According to wikipedia this dish is considered the most popular Czech dish, and I can see why, it was delicious!

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One Response to Prague on the road Part 2 – Czech cuisine

  1. Hannelore says:

    I want that ball shaped thing =o goulash! Looks so delicious!
    Doesnt the bread get soggy ? Or has the bread been baked or whatever to keep it from falling apart?

    The other dishes look amazing aswell, I feel a prague dinner fest coming up ;P

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