Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Casserole

As promised a couple of days ago here is a brand new product review! Well, let’s be honest and tune the enthusiasm down a notch. It’s not really a product review, but a product announcement :p (a review will probably follow in a while) If you’ve read the title (and how could you not?), you will already have derived that I am now a proud owner of a Le Creuset cast iron round casserole! What’s “Le Creuset” and “cast iron” you ask? Good question! Keep reading!

Let’s start of with cast iron. Cast iron means that something is made out of molten iron, which is poured in a unique mold, thus creating the shape of the casserole. This may all sound pretty technical and boring, but it breaks down to the fact that cast iron casseroles (or pans, skillets,…) are superb at obtaining and dispersing heat evenly. This means that you’ll probably never need to use a high heat. A medium or low heat will be all you ever need. Another great feature is that you can use it on any heat source, and put it directly in the oven. The casserole itself is quite heavy compared to normal casseroles, especially the lid. The tight fit of the lid assures you that none of the precious flavours escape while you’re cooking!

So what’s “Le Creuset”? Le Creuset is, simply put, one of the best manufacturers of cast iron cookery. It’s a french company that has been making these things from 1925 and if you go to any professional kitchen or chef that uses cast-iron cookery, they’ll probably be using Le Creuset. Their high quality is obtained by at least 30 different experts who examine a product before it leaves there factory, as a result they offer a lifetime guarantee (under normal use of course, don’t go smashing it on the flour, obviously). All this means that their products are pretty expensive, so if you want to save some money buy them second hand or wait for some massive discounts like I did! Last week, amazon.co.uk was heaving a 12 days of Christmas discount on a whole range of products, including a Le Creuset cast iron 24cm casserole! The discount was actually 50% (!) and came to a total of 72 euros, which might still seem like a lot of money (and it is), but if I would’ve gone out and bought it in a cookery shop I would have easily dropped 120-150 euros!

On another note, Santa came around early this year, and brought me a nifty Canon EOS 450D camera! (in the USA also known as the Canon Rebel XSi) So hopefully you’ll see an improvement in the pictures that are posted here. This also the reason why I haven’t added any personal pictures, but stock pictures from the interwebs. I still have a lot of reading and practicing to do on how to properly take pictures with it (to use the automatic on camera like this is pure blasphemy!), but I’ll try to shoot some pictures this weekend that are blog-worthy and update this post, along with a new recipe post! 😉

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One Response to Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Casserole

  1. Hannelore says:

    Yay! ^^ can’t wait for the review, AND to see pics made with your new gagdet photo thing =p

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