The failed carrot cake.

I promised myself I would blog at least once a week. But as you can clearly see, this isn’t a recipe. I did make a carrot cake this weekend and was planning on blogging about it, but I was a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the cake itself tasted great (so far for being modest), but it didn’t really taste like carrots, it was more like a sweet walnut cake. So I’ll be trying some other recipes, but if I’m not satisfied I don’t really see the point in blogging the recipe, but at least I’m keeping my loyal visitors posted 😉

In the mean time, I thought of a new goal for me. I’m thinking of making banana bread/cake this weekend! I still have the look up a some recipes, but I’ve got my mind set on it, and once my mind is set on something, there’s nothing that can change that. Just think of me as a menstruating woman who has set her mind (his, in this case) on chocolat! You better not get her anything else, or something like this might happen!

So cross your fingers, and maybe this weekend a new banana bread/cake recipe will be posted! If any of you have a suggestion you can always let me know in a comment. Needless to say, carrot cake recipes are also welcome 😉

PS: I updated te About page a bit, well actually, I just added a picture of myself, but you might just want to check it out 😉

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2 Responses to The failed carrot cake.

  1. Gisèle says:

    “Just think of me as a menstruating woman who has set her mind (his, in this case) on chocolat!”

    Haha! Exactly the thing you should write on a food blog, very nice image for those looking for a carrot cake recipe. You crack me up.

    When I tasted carrot cake once it didn’t taste like carrot at all, rather sweet like you said. So in fact I think you actually got it right there. Either way, good luck with the banana cake.

  2. Hannelore says:

    Hurrah for bananabread/cake recipe! ^^

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