Happy b-day to me!

Last monday was my birthday, for this glorious occasion (it really should be a national holiday) I got 2 new cook books from my parents. Suffice to say, I couldn’g go on without writing a little review about them! 😉

The Cook's Book of EverythingThe Cook’s Book of Everything by Lulu Grimes is the thickest of the two and so far I find it a HUGE (literally and figuratively) addition to my collection. While flipping through the pages I was amazed at the amount of pictures, extra information and tips that were given. Recipe-wise it has pretty much anything you an imagine (over 10 000 recipes), Belgian readers might be able to compare it with “Ons Kookboek”. In my opinion however, The Cook’s Book of Everything is a worthy competitor and perhaps even a better book for starting cooks.

(buy on Amazon – English)

(buy on Proxis – Dutch)

Jamie's AmericaThe second book was Jamie’s America by Jamie Oliver, which was on my wish list for quite some while now as you may remember. I watched the mini-series and I have to say, I didn’t really like it at first. When I imagend Jamie’s journey through America I was expecting downright classic American dishes. The show howevere, focused more on the variety of people and culinairy influences like Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Jewish, Native American,… dishes. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t see any apple or sweet potato pie or a waldorf salad in the series. Luckily the book covers al those classics and many many more. The book is really a joy to read, the stories very entertaining and more informative than ever. Furthermore, with numerous pictures and well thought out colour schemes, the book is just gorgeous to behold. I wouldn’t advise it to starting cooks, but it’s a great addition for every cook who’d like a book with a mix of recipes from all over the world. If I learned anything from Jamie, it’s that America really is a mix of just about every other country!

(buy on Amazon – English)

(Buy on Proxis – Dutch)

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One Response to Happy b-day to me!

  1. Hannelore says:

    Might be getting the first book ^^ (in other words, persuade my cookbook loving mother to buy it =p)
    Great update btw!

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