Ginger love

It’s quite emberrasing to not have posted anything for a while, without a decent excuse for it.. But when my good friend Gisèle wrote about my blog (A hobo dancing barefoot) I just couldn’t let this fine piece of a blog go to waist anymore! So here goes my first real recipe post, and it’s dedicated to Gisèle 😉

Today’s recipe is ginger thee. It al started somewhat 2 months Gingerloveago when I went for lunch at Lombardia. They have a world famous ginger thee (Starbucks even tried to get it in their shops). Their recipe is a well kept secret, but I just couldn’t resist to at least try and create something that’s just a bit comparible. I had a few experiments with all sorts of ingredients, but eventually I decided that less is more, which means you’ll only need 3 ingredients for this one.

Perfect for cold fall/winter days when it’s been pooring all day and you need something to cheer you up and keep you warm. The combination of orange juice and ginger means this is a vitamin C bomb, so it’s well suited to help you fight or prevent flue, cold and other diseases!

Ingredients (for 1 mug):

  • 1 mug worth of orange juice
  • 1 thumb-size piece of ginger
  • 1-3 tsp of unrefined sugar (to taste)

Start by peeling the ginger and cutting it into fine stripes (you could also just grate it, but I find the ginger flavour comes out a bit too strong then, but you could of course just use less of it). Ad the orange juice and cut/grated ginger in a pan and start heating it up at a low temperature. (Heating it up slowly makes the flavous mix slowly which allows you to control the intensity of the ginger more effectivly). During the heating proces ad your sugar. When you think it’s about ready, strain te liquid through a siv in your mug and sip away!

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2 Responses to Ginger love

  1. Hannelore says:

    I’ll try this one on a cold day 😉 Sounds inviting!

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