Jamie’s American promo clip

As most foodies and fans of Jamie Oliver know, there’s a new book comming by the famous chef. The book, titled “Jamie’s America” will be released September 3rd and will be accompanied by a television docu-serie this fall (Jamie’s American Roadtrip on Channel 4, UK). As the title suggests, the book will be inspired by American food and culture. I’m quite intrigued as to what will become of this book, American cuisine doesn’t really have a huge reputation in Europe.

Today, a new promo clip was released on the internet and to be honest I don’t really get what it has to do with food or cooking, but I guess it’s good enough for drawing attention! If you’re not a fan of the celebrity, you can still watch and have a good laugh. (click here to watch the video)

Needless to say, you can expect a book review once I get the book myself 😉

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3 Responses to Jamie’s American promo clip

  1. Gisèle says:

    But the video is no longer available 😦 Seriously, someone needs to teach those publicists and record labels etc. the meaning of PROMO. You can’t watch anything on YouTube anymore because it’s either stripped of its sound or you can’t watch it because it’s restricted to a certain area. It’s fucking pissing me off! (you can take the embedded code of other video sites, it works on WordPress) Hope to see the video soon 🙂

    • flavourjourney says:

      It seems like they moved it to the jamie oliver site, it could be that they just wanted to draw more people to their site, instead of YouTube being uptight. Either way, I can’t embed any video’s from their site 😦 I did however made a link so you can still watch it 😉

      • Gisèle says:

        Even if that’s the reason then it still shows that there’s no knowledge of how the internet community works. A lot of videos that are being watched on YouTube are found through related videos or by sharing links, a minority of the viewers actually searched for it. Do they really expect surfers to make the effort with the immense amount of information there is? I would watch a video about cooking if it was one click away, but it would never occur to me to actually google it. By excluding YouTube they exclude potential buyers who are not yet that much involved.

        So far for ranting, this is about food and flavours, not about my personal problems with the current music/entertainment/… bussiness 🙂

        PUT UP A CHOCOLATE RECIPE, as anger mgmt 😉

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