What’s happening with the Journey?

I’m a bit embarrassed about not posting anything yet, to be honest I probably should have waited a while with starting this blog (but I was to excited to wait, which happens quite often). Reason being that I have to retake some exams the next couple of weeks (starting next monday). So the last weeks I’ve been studying for them (or at least trying to), which is the reason why I haven’t posted anything so far.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been looking into new things to try out, on the contrary! I’ve started a list of things I want to make/try out after my exams. I’m going to try and make all of these things after my exams (my last is on september 5th) and will of course be posting the results, thoughts,… here! But I’m also going to be realistic and say that this is only a guideline to the things I wanna make in the near-future, some of them might not get made. But enough babbling, let’s start with that list!

  • pizza
  • lobster
  • chicken with thyme and mint sauce
  • garlic soup
  • ravioli
  • souflé
  • waffles

So stick around and witness the Journey 😉

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